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We offer a number of services at AIWP to support Individuals, Couples, Parents and Children, as well as Business Professional discover concrete skills they can use right away to remove obstacles to success and fulfillment. SEE DR. RYAN AREAS OF SPECIALIZATIONS.


Recovery from Health Challenges clearing energy disturbances underlying Anxiety, Depression, Spiritual Issues, Trauma Recovery, Peak Performance, with Health and Wellness / Energy Healing and Individual Pastoral Holistic Psychotherapy and Relationship Counseling

All of our services offer techniques that aim at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and integration. See brief description below:,

• HEALTH AND WELLNESS AND ENERGY HEALING - Have you settled for a lack of energy and optimal health with increasing inability to deal with physical symptoms due to stress. Do you struggle with physical / emotional symptoms that don't go away and you can't seem to make a full return to health and well-being? Energy therapies teach clients how to reduce stress and restore vitality to the body. Our services also gives clients the ability to better understand the meaning behind physical emotional stress issues and work with their body's symptoms to heal the energy fields that hold the symptoms in place. These techniques have been proven to be effective in or speed healing, reduce pain and strengthen the immune system or ease physical pains and anxiety. Our energy therapy offers the latest, cutting-edge, energy healing therapist modalities from Energy Healing including: Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT), Tapas Fleming Techniques, (TAT), Matrix Re-imprinting (MR), Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) and a host of other powerful META Healing and Energy Psychology techniques. SEE DESCRIPTION OF TECHNIQUES USED

• INDIVIDUAL RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING - Everyone knows that having personal peace of mind and excellent relationship communication is vital to experiencing success in all areas of your life. Individual and Relationship counseling offers a safe haven for Individuals and/or couples to express their needs and fears and effectively resolve communication blocks that arise form unresolved grief, childhood wounds, anger and conflict. As a form of healing, Holistic Psychotherapy, Relationship Counseling and Energy Healing therapist work as complimentary aids to restore the individual and/or relationship to wholeness by addressing the core issues underlying surface complaints and symptoms.

• Relationship Healing and Enrichment techniques include state of the art techniques from Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Non-violent Communication and Compassionate Listening, Advanced Communication Techniques from the Research of John Gottman, Ph.D. as well as Love Language from Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and Mars Venus Understanding of Differences by John Gray.

• AIWP Miracles Ministry is proud to offer techniques that are gentle, easy to learn and have science backing that you can use right away for optimum Health and Wellness Energy Healing techniques help you get fast results and studies show that these results are able to be maintained and long lasting with our uniquely tailored energy balancing treatments through our healing therapist. We have a high success rate with individuals and Couples The turnaround in people's lives through energy healing speaks for itself. We have clients all over Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos and Temecula who have benefited from our services. SEE INDIVIDUAL FEES, DISCOUNTS, SCHOLARSHIPS AND PACKAGE RATES TO SEE DR RYAN

AIWP is A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Charitable and Healing Organization. We are dedicated to teaching skills to energize the well-being of the whole person. Helping Individuals and Families Heal and Enrich Relationships and Improve Health and Wellness with Mind, Body Spirit Integration and Healing Returning to Love Relationship Skill Training using META Health / META Healing Skill Training For Optimum Wellness.

We offer our services in Orange and San Diego County in Newport Beach and nearby communities in Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, Bonsall, San Marcos and Temecula.

The goal of all our services at AIWP, is to help you learn concrete skills to experience spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. We offer easy to learn personal and relationship techniques for self-healing and relationship enhancement as well as help you become proactive and self responsible to lead more joyful, fulfilling lives.



Get support with the convenience of not leaving your home or office by speaking to Dr. Timothy J. Ryan by phone or internet. For next three months: META HEALING Counseling Internet OnLine or Phone Session: $100. Per 45 minute session on Vsee, Google Hang out (must have gmail account.)


Although Dr. Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he is does not practice as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. His services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical, mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine. His desire is to work with you as a spiritual person, who wishes to learn skills for mind, body relationship healing and spiritual awakening to help you achieve ultimate relationship happiness, fulfillment and optimum peace of mind and well-being. His over all goal is to teach you skills you can use right away to promote self-empowerment and self / other relationship healing enrichment, which is beyond the clinical realm of diagnosing and/or focusing on the treatment of pathology.

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D.,D.Div., D.PSc.
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